Human being & ICT: re-asserting or redefine? Maybe both of them?

We’re finishing the 3rd week on #edcmooc.

In this moment, a dialectic syllogism is going to be resolved:

ICT fosters our best as human beings
ICT fosters our worse as human beings
ICT fosters anything: it’s up to us

Perhaps, the key is in Francis Fukuyama‘s words:
As Peter Huber has argued [in his Orwell’s Revenge], the personal computer, linked to the internet, was in fact the realisation of Orwell’s telescreen. But instead of becoming an instrument of centralisation and tyranny, it led to just the opposite: the democratisation of access to information and the decentralisation of politics. Instead of Big Brother watching everyone, people could use the PC and internet to watch Big Brother, as governments everywhere were driven to publish more information on their own activities.

The other interesting point is the bio-technology progress. Ancient Greeks described the Fountain of everlasting Youth. It was a myth, but the forthcoming science seems have been already achieved, haven’t it? Which price had we paid? We have a great ethic question to answer. By the way: Orson Welles created something outstanding about this theme, as well:

The next ones: 2, 3.

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